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"Spare parts catalogues ....." = The future of spare parts catalogues is to have them on CDs.
Here in Australia we call a "pick-up" a "Ute", short for utility. And a delivery van is a "panel van".
I have a list of 203s in Australia.
There are 359 x 203s on that list. Including 25 utes and 15 panel vans.
In 1998 we had 26 x 203s together for a 50th birthday party (see photo).
In 1999 we had 16 x 203s together for our yearly gathering (see long photo).
In 2000 our yearly gathering had to be cancelled because of flooding.

There are 4 of those special utes that you are interested in on the list.
These were made in Australia from panel vans by the Melbourne agent for Peugeot. Probably less than 20 were made.
Peugeots were assembled in Australia with a percentage of Australian made parts. You will notice that Australian 203s have different bumper bars (sto▀stange), overriders (sto▀stangenhorn) and hubcaps (radkappe). The wheels were also made in Australia and are "inch" sizes not "mm" sizes. 15 inches and 16 inches.

I will attach some pictures.
The dark green 203, the light grey 404 sedan and the 404 cabriolet are my cars.

Gordon Miller

and another letter I received from Mr. Miller:

Attached is another long photo.(03weekend96.jpg J.W.)
This time of 203s and 403s lined up in front of the wonderful Mudgee railway station in NSW.
It was taken at the 03 Weekend gathering of Australian 03s in 1996.
The picture has been assembled from 2 very wide angle photos (17mm lens).
Hence the kink in the front of the station building.
I took the photo and you are free to use it, pass it on or print it.
I will send another long shot, this one with 26 x 203s in a line, in the next few days.
Gordon Miller

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