Peugeot 203 Limousine von Brian Winks aus Neu-Seeland (new-zealand)








... Dear Joerg,
Please find photos of above as promised.As mentioned I will follow up with the 403 when I get it home. You may be interested in the Puch Moped which has been in my family since new (again 1957) it has done 20,415 miles and was going to be my next project after the 203 but will now be on hold. Do you see any of these left in Germany as I will require an air cleaner cover at a later stage? Now to the history of my 203c. Peugeot France advised me it was shipped X factory to Malta in Sept 1957, after which it was exported second hand to New Zealand in 1964 having travelled 30,000 miles.The next owner sold it at 40,004 miles; the next at 44,370; the next at 61,399;the next at 71,427 and I purchased it at 73,500 and the mileage is as at Nov 2nd 2000 77,694 miles.When I purchased it in 1978 I drove it occasionally for three years and as some work was required and I was busy it stayed in my basement for 19 years! I would put Inox down the bores every two months and hand cranked the motor over .
After 19 years I retired and decided it was time to put it back on the road. I purchased new spark plugs, points, changed the oil and petrol, a new battery and it started on the 4th pull of the starter ! Well you could not see 1 metre in front of your hand for dense,thick white smoke! However after some time and fine tuning it has performed as one would expect from a Peugeot. After a short test run of 30 miles I took it on a rally of some 400 miles in total and it performed perfectly. I will give you a history of the 403 as I know it when I send you it`s photos later.
Brian Winks. New Zealand.
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