Peugeot 203 History von Prof. Okker Jordaan aus Süd-Afrika

Prof. Jordaan´s 203
Peugeot 203 Berline

Peugeot 203 Berline

and the new license-plate which he got in Oct.2000, realy a brilliant number!

Dear Peugeot Friend
With this letter we send you a picture of our 203
We bought this car new on October 3 1957. It has done about 500 000 kilometers.
We repaired the engine in 1994. New sleeves, pistons, rings. As well as repaires the petrolpump and carburettor. The whole brake system was repaired this year. The master cylinder and slace cylinders of the brakes was worn out. It is now in 100% condition. There are other small repair work that has to be done, but two of our sons have now taken the car over from us and are doing the repairs themselves. We do not have good restoration people in our vicinity. The car's body and interior is fairly good. We use the car regularly.

We had a look at your website. We do not have 203 Estates or fourgonettes or familiales in SA. We think that there is a fourgonette somewhere but are not sure. We also think that there may be one 203 LDV (light delivery vehicle) but we are not sure. Not one of our clubmembers has seen it. Will you kindly let us know in what part of Germany you live ? We used to have a Peugeotfriend in Celle , near Hannover but we have not heard from him in a long time.
May we just mention that we do not speak German and can thus only understand a little bit of your website. If you need any more information I shall send it.

Kind Peugeotgreetings.
Okker and Tzelwen Jordaan

und noch eine zweite mail von Prof. Okker Jordaan

In our language we call it a "bakkie" and this word means that the vehicle has an open loading space behind the driver. I send you a photo of a :bakkie: This photo was taken in Angola many years ago by one of our club members.
Kind greetings
Peugeot 203 Pick-up

@Mail an Prof. Okker Jordaan

I also send you a photo of our little 203 when we used it in a rally in 1958. We even gained the 2nd place with it.
Good luck with your hard work Best wishes and kind Peugeotgreetings
Okker and Tzelwen Jordaan.
Peugeot 203

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