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Peugeot 201

Hi Jorg,
Thank you for the email
The 203 was my very first car,I was living in Tasmania on a farm. My father said he once owned a peugeot and was pleased that I had bought my 203. It was always a good discussion point because of the cars distinction. Some un-informed individuals called it a Jowett Javelin (because of the similar sloping back) much to my disgust!! -:( My 203 was fitted with sliding roof, sometimes we would remove the passenger seat and spotlight rabbits at night on our paddocks. I remember once my father and I carted a big ram (sheep) home in the back after removing the rear seat. I was fortunate having an excellent Peugeot dealer in Hobart, he was just like another father to me. I have a set of 12 Peugeot ring spanners. Dad's Peugeot was a 201, I have an old photo of him standing beside his car .
I will get my Peugeot 203 photos digitised and forward to you. There are approximately 80 to 90 dealers in Australia A few years ago there was a Dealer in Mildura, but they have since closed down. My friend has a 203C and many spare parts, the front end of chassis needs rebuilding, remainder in good condition. Thanks for the useful links, and your english is OK. Recently I purchased a 1993 Peugeot 205Si with 155,000kms and all the service history.
I hope you enjoy my story.
Robert Amos

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